36 Disney Tinkerbell coloring pages for Girls

Who is Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is the popular fairy character in the well known play of J M Barrie – “Peter Pan”. Tinkerbell was featured in the animated film “Peter Pan” by Disney in the year 1953. In this feature film Tinkerbell was in digital 3D. Besides Peter Pan, Tinkerbell is the main character in “Return to Never Land” and also in a popular DVD series. Tinkerbell became one of the most popular iconic characters of Walt Disney. The characteristic features of Tinkerbell include waving a thin wand in her hand which makes fairy dust fly out of the screen. Until the release of the 3D film “Tinker Bell” which is computer animated, Tinkerbell was featured as a silent character. After that, Mae Whitman voiced for the character Tinker Bell.

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Tinkerbell Features

Tinkerbell is small, fair and appears just as a common fairy. She is hot-tempered,when she is angry, her face turns fiery red. However, she looks very cute when she is calm. She has large hips that make her body pear-shaped. She has pointed elf-like ears. Her baby-blue eyes and hair bangs are quite impressive.

Tinker Bell normally appears in a mini-skirt. She has green strapless dress and green shoes with white puff on the toes. She has clear small wings on her back. In Disney movies Tinkerbell appears in a variety of dresses.

How lovely is Tinkerbell

Basically Tinkerbell is of a kind nature. She is very helpful to others. However, occasionally she becomes vindictive as well as jealous. She is ill-behaved when she is jealous. The extremes of her character are due to the fact that she is a fairy. The fairies are very small in size so that at a time they can have only one feeling and only one emotion.

Being a fairy, Tinker Bell can fly any can create fairy dust. Being a tinker, Tinker Bell is highly skilled in mending pots, caps and kettles. She is a highly talented tinker.

Tinkerbell is adventurous but jealous

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Many people consider Tinker Bell as a romantic character who is in love with Peter Pan. However, according to Margaret Kerry, Tinker Bell had never been in love with Peter Pan. Kerry describes Tinkerbell as a groupie. When Peter went for adventures she used to accompany him. She became jealous when she felt that Peter will be taking Wendy with him for adventures and will not take her with him anymore.

Disney Tinkerbell coloring pages


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