Nick Dora the explorer: 32 Dora coloring pages

Dora the Explorer

Dora is a cute little girl who travels to different places with her pet companion boots,who is a monkey with red boots and so he gets his name as boots the little monkey.On most of the episodes ,Dora and boots have to solve a puzzle or find something they have lost and fix the problem to cross that part of the map and successfully reach the destination.

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Dora and boots monkey Picture

You can help Dora and boots

During her travel she may encounter with a fox named swiper,who loves to steal others belongings.So Dora asks viewers help to stop the fox from stealing objects , she asks kids to shout 3 times as “swiper no swiping“. Sometimes she has to cross a bridge which is guarded by a Bridge troll who asks a riddle or an answer , so that Dora may pass through the bridge.

Dora and her journey

Dora carries a cute purple bag on her back “backpack“,in which you find map and other tools and she also collects stars all through her are asked to shout for map when she is in need of it to reach the destination.In some episodes of Dora the explorer you can see a gate which hums a melody and asks you find what is that rhyme, once she finds it out the door opens to continue her journey.Out of all episodes my kid loves to help boots fix a bridge or ladder which is broken and its pieces are spread around .On the whole Dora is nice preschool teacher ;).

Dora Coloring pages

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Dora says hi
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Dora boots and map happy smile


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Hi explorer
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Cute dora in her frock colouring
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Dora with her teddy bear


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Young Dora coloring page
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Dora in forest on the way to victory


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Boots love and care for Dora
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Dora and monkey on a mission


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Dora as a princess coloring page
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Dora painting and coloring
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Map and backpack


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Dora’s map as superhero
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Coloring page of Dora on a car
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Dora beach vacation time


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Dora coloring pages,doraonbeach.jpg


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coloring Boots the monkey
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Dora and boots at the troll bridge


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Dora in a bunny costume
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Dora the princess coloring


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D is for Dora
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Dora ice skating
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Dora and boots on a picnic


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M is for map
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Dora Christmas coloring pages