Avatar Sequel : Legand Of Korra – New Avatar

My favorite cartoon Avatar is back with a sequel : New avatar – Legend of korra . korra she is a water bender travels with her pet Naga ( a polar bear mixed with snow wolf kind of breed ).

as per avatar the new avatar is born in the water kingdom after aang in air kingdom .seems aang – katara’s son is going to teach air Bending for korra.

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15.Korra from vyntresserdrake1991
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14.Korra and Naga from fumi-chan
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1.Korra from scarlettfeather
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3.korra from clautara1995
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4.Korra meets Avatar Aang From mudron

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5.Korra overlooks Republic City From SirRogueSirRogue

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6.Korra designs From SirRogueSirRogue

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10.Avatar: Legend of Korra Exclusive First Look From Overweight glob of grease

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12.Korra and Naga from pretty-angel
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